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Trekking Information

Nepal is Himalayan Country which has some of the best trekking in the world and found 8 of the world’s 10 highest mountains, including Mount Everest and undoubtedly the world’s best trekking areas. Trekking in Nepal is most popular activities tourist enjoys. Trekking in Nepal means a walking trip following   trails many of which have been used for centuries.simply walking up and down in higher mountains crossing villages, high passes, dense forest, valleys. Trekking- hiking along the trails that form the main links between Nepal’s isolated villages and settlements is one the country’s main attractions. Himalayas and mountains never cease to amaze you- with majestic peaks, glaciers, lakes, beautiful valleys, rivers and cultural affluence. We put a strong focus on bringing long-term & sustainable development to the regions we promote by working closely with local providers and using local products. Come, visit these Himalayan realms and provide us opportunity to welcome you with a hearty smile and finally farewell you with unforgettable holiday experiences.

Trekking Gears suggested

1.    Sleeping bag +10°C to –10°C
2.    Rucksack and duffel bag
3.    Mattress
4.    Towel
5.    Water bottle
6.    Headlamp with spare batteries
7.    Water purifying tablets
8.    Pocket knife (kept in duffel bag)
9.    Wallet or money belt
10.    Toilet paper, soap, tooth paste/brush.
11.    Moisturizing lotion.
12.    Snow glasses and sunglasses.
13.    Spare pair of sunglasses.
14.    Sunscreen and lip guard
15.    Emergency contact numbers
16.    Personal first aid kit

Clothing and foot wear:

1.    Down jacket
2.    Insulated pants
3.    Wind pants
4.    Thermal trouser
5.    Long-sleeved woolen shirt
6.    Short-sleeved cotton T-shirts
7.    Regular underwear
8.    Thermal underwear
9.    Woolen hat
10.    Sun and rain hat
11.    Gloves
12.    Gaiters
13.    Trekking boots (waterproof)
14.    Woolen socks
15.    Cotton socks
16.    Sandals

Optional trekking accessories

1.    Binoculars
2.    Reading and writing material
3.    Repair kit with needle, thread and safety pins
4.    Your favorite snack food like raisins or chocolate
5.    Protein supplements for vegetarian


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