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Rafting in Nepal is rapidly growing as one of the most favorite outing sport among adventure travelers. Nepal has various levels of rivers which some of most popular whitewater rivers are busy and operating trips there all the year round. All of rivers which used for rafting in Nepal are flow from the Himalayas. Thus, the rafting is whitewater adventure trip in Nepal. The wonderful experiences behind rafting as viewing close contact of hidden Himalayan treasures as well encounter with real Nepalese local culture of different places in remote. As Nepal is being broad range of diversified country in the world it has many levels of rivers to challenge for every whitewater thrill seeker which are also suitable for both single and multi day trips. The major rivers of Nepal are originated from high Himalayan glaciers and lakes, passes through by cutting edges of several mountains, crashes into rocks which make to form wide range of thundering rapids so holiday trip to rafting in Nepal will be absolutely fun of excitement and unforgettable.

Package Detail

    The Trishuli River (called “Trisuli” also) originated from Holy Gosainkunda Lake of Langtang Himalayan region and given name of lord Shiva’s Trident weapon Trishul. Due to easy access from Kathmandu, Pokhara and its mild rapids made it Nepal’s most popular whitewater rafting destination. It is ideal for both novices as well as the experienced those who are enthusiasts to test Himalayan magic flow. The Trishuli River passes though fascinating valleys of several mountain gorges and firming rolling rapids as well easy accessible from Kathmandu, Pokhara and way to Chitwan National Park. The travelers to Nepal can combine short whitewater rafting trip both after and before the trek to any regions. Day trip to on this river is always unforgettable because of the some challenging thrill rapids- Up Set, Ladies Delight, Surprise etc and for multi day trip you will be continue to encounter many likewise plenty of excitement. The exciting rafting holiday in Trishuli river can be done as day rafting or you can stay overnight at camp or lodge for 2 days rafting.

     Meeting our rafting crews and head to put in point
     Changing clothes and put other valuable stuffs in dry pack kit
     Load the main back pack in supporting vehicle
     Safety talk learn how to sit on raft, hold & row paddle and rafting orientation
     Commence the rafting, lunch on the way and by 3-4 PM end the trip
     Camp site setting (giving your helping hands)
     Changing clothes drink tea, coffee & chocolate
     Dinner preparation, after dinner talking fantasy of the day or sleep

     Packing gear first and breakfast
     Changing clothes and put other valuable stuffs in dry pack kit
     Remove camp setting & site clean up
     Load the main back pack in supporting vehicle
     Safety talk and rafting orientation
     Commence the rafting, end the trip by noon and lunch
     Changing clothes and drive to join onward program



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